Business Building can be frustrating....

How do I increase business value?

Building a business is hard work.  For many of us, it takes more tenacity and than we thought we could muster.  There are many key factors to understand how to build a profitable business.  There's even more to know if you want that business to be marketable someday.

But why would you want to invest all that time and energy without reaping the full benefit?


There is a way.

There is a strategic way to build a profitable and marketable business.

Are you open to learning what other successful business owners have done? 

The first step to getting somewhere strategic is learning where you are currently starting from.

The Value Builder Assessment is a free assessment tool that will give you a quantitative look of your business.

The results will show you where to focus your business development efforts strategically, based on data from over 55,000 other small businesses. 

Grow My Business

How do find an agent I can trust?

Navigating the world of commercial real estate can be a daunting task.  

Should you lease a space?

Can you get the space you need in the budget you have?

Should you buy?

What part of town is best for your business?

Could you leverage a space you share with other tenants?

Could real estate help you create another income stream in your business?

Are there opportunities to create passive income streams for your business through real estate?

There is no shortage of questions.  It can overwhelming to navigate.


There is someone you can trust, willing to help you navigate the market.  

Help us understand your real estate needs and we will offer our best insights.


Invest in My Business

How do I prepare my business for sale?

100% of business owners will exit their businesses but less than half have an exit strategy in place. 


Rather than leave your business exit to chance or even worse, leave it to burden your loved-ones, plan for a profitable exit.

There are commonly only 8 ways to exit a business:

  1. Management Buyout

  2. Employee Buyout

  3. Handing Down to Family Member

  4. Employee Stock Program

  5. Private Equity Buyer

  6. Strategic Buyer

  7. Liquidation of Assets

  8. Public Stock Offering (extreme few)

80% of business value comes from intangible business assets which includes employees, customers, structures and systems.  Valuing the business accurately and marketing effectively means looking into the intangibles value.

Do you know what your intangibles are worth? 
Do you know how to increase their value?


Good news!  We can help!

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